Luxury Watch Brand Jacob & Co Starts Accepting Crypto Payments

Luxury watch brand Jacob & Co. became the first brand of its kind to start accepting cryptocurrency as a payment thanks to the new partnership with

In a new partnership with the popular cryptocurrency exchange, the Luxury Watch Brand Jacob & Co. will start accepting purchases of its products using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies for its innovative and unique offerings like the Twin Turbo Furious Timepiece as well as Astronomia. Of course, customers can purchase high jewels with stunning gems and craftsmanship. The clients can make purchases using cryptocurrency through the cryptocurrency trading platform


Using the exchange is super simple but it does require a few steps. The first thing to do is for the customer to select which cryptocurrency will be used for payment. Then, a price estimate will be shown which is the equivalent of an item’s price. The customer can then scan the QR code and can send the payment in crypto. If done right, account managers will confirm the transaction and will finalize the sale.

The CEO Of Jacob & Co. Benjamin Arabo explained that the decision to become the first luxury watch and jewelry brand that accepts crypto is in sync with the DNA of the brand. The company is known to be innovative in using the latest technology to create a new timepiece and jewelry. Crypto adoption is inevitable and the technology behind it as the CEO said that it was the right time to support innovative technology that will be used globally in every sector.

jacob araboJacob Arabo, CEO of Jacob & Co.Source: //

Jacob & Co. is a jewelry and watches company renowned for its use of diamonds and recently it also added another facet to its business as it released the first-ever luxury watch NFT. The driving force for the company is its creativity. From the earliest beginnings in watches and jewelry, Jacob Arabo designed innovative and exceptional products so now the new entry into the crypto sector only shows the insatiable need to produce even more amazing pieces that the world has never seen before. The CEO of the company said:

“I have to create. My dream has always been to invent things that haven’t been done before. For the brand, it’s about making the impossible reality.”

Source: Luxury Watch Brand Jacob & Co Starts Accepting Crypto Payments

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