Ternoa is Pleased to Announce its IDO on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition!

Ternoa is Pleased to Announce its IDO on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition!

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The announcement has just been made on Ternoa’s social media channels! The French blockchain project’s IDO will take place for the end on May on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition, followed by a listing on a platform yet to be announced by the Ternoa team.

For several weeks, Ternoa’s active community has been eagerly awaiting the chance to participate in the project before the official arrival of CAPS, its token, on the market. The good news is that the IDO, initially scheduled for June, has had its date brought forward to the end of May. The same goes for the listing, which was supposed to take place in September, but will now happen shortly after the IDO.

This is a strategic choice on the part of Ternoa, which for the past few weeks has been aiming to ensure sturdy, long-term growth in CAPS’s value. Thanks to its rapid development, as well as the support from its partners and growing community, Ternoa was able to push forward the schedule as well as the date of the 3-month listing.

As announced on the project’s white paper, the price of the IDO token will be 0.0096 USD or 0.008 EUR on the two launchpads.

The advantages of an IDO on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition are as follows:

  • DAO Maker is an indispensable IDO platform that carefully selects the projects on its site. A guarantee of quality thus reduces risks for investors.
  • This strategy has enabled Ternoa to come into contact with international funds and partners.
  • Having a presence on DAO Maker demonstrates the reliability and credibility of the project on the international market, including in the eyes of centralized exchanges. Many leading projects have gone through DAO Maker such as DAFI Protocol, Avalanche, VAIOT, Orion Protocol or OpenPredict, to name a few.
  • These platforms work with numerous networks of influencers and communities who will relay information all over the world, which will help to give Ternoa an international reputation. Investors around the world pay serious attention to these platforms where the future nuggets of the blockchain universe are brought to the attention of the general public.
  • The investment amount per person is limited in order to allow the maximum number of investors access to the IDO and to avoid massive purchases of tokens.

All these advantages will allow the project and its token to grow in the best possible way.

As with any IDO, there are certain requirements in order to be able to participate:

  • DAO Maker : To be eligible to participate in sales, you need to stake at least 500 DAO in the vault. This will give you exactly 500 DAO Power. Some sales with higher personal allowance amounts require more DAO to stake. When you sign up for the sale, you will be able to see what the minimum required DAO staking amount is. If you don’t have enough, you can always go back and stake more DAO.
  • PAID Ignition : Ignition allows PAID token holders to participate in organized and innovative private and public token auctions, in the form of a lottery.

Those who have held or staked their PAID tokens will be eligible to enter one of the 3 levels, depending on the size of their holding. These are:

Moon: A wallet containing at least 1000 PAID will receive one lottery entry for every 1000 PAID

Galaxy: A wallet containing more than 75,000 PAID is guaranteed a public allowance in addition to entering the lottery for every 1000 PAID held, which of course increases the holder’s chances of winning!

Cosmos: A wallet with over 150,000 PAID is guaranteed a public allowance and a presale allowance, in addition to a lottery ticket for every 1000 PAID. More details here.

You’ll have to be quick if you want a chance to get on board with this project: a total of 50 million CAPS will be on sale for the IDO.

The Ternoa team is also exploring a third option which would come in the form of an IEO

Again, to be clear, the listing has been pushed forward to the end of May, 3 months before the initial date, on a platform still kept under wraps. However, we already know the announced price which will be 0.0168 USD, or 0.014 EUR.

The month of May has plenty in store for the Ternoa project! After that, who knows?

Following the French community, which is dear to the Ternoa team, it is now up to the rest of the world to get to know and take part in this promising project.


Twitter : @Ternoa_

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Source: Ternoa is Pleased to Announce its IDO on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition!

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